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In Solidarity

There is a strange and beautiful solidarity in the shared experience of human suffering. After all, suffering is an integral part of life. It’s what now bonds us as a species no matter what end of the globe we reside. However, it’s critical to acknowledge the varying degrees to which people suffer due to the pandemic. The crisis perpetuates some of the bigger problems already experienced by populations who are unable to access quality healthcare, education, or housing for one reason or another. Adding to this, the digital divide is wider now than ever. Technology continues to advance at light speed and those who have access to it benefit from it. Those who do not are at risk of falling behind economically. While there may be a shared solidarity purely because we are all living through a GLOBAL pandemic, our experience within could be vastly different. So, what’s the call to action for those with the resources, bandwidth, and desire to help address this divide? Awareness is the first step. Listen and observe what’s going on in your community. You might also consider donating to a local food pantry delivering goods to people in need, or to your local public school, or a nonprofit working on education solutions for all families.

Everywhere around the world, there are opportunities to take collective action to support one another mentally or physically. Watch for them… and act in collective solidarity.

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