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The Simple Things

This last 5 weeks has been eye-opening and life-changing for many people. We’ve been asked to stay home and avoid face-to-face interactions as much as possible. This is not the typical American way. Not just in the U.S., but around the world, we have moved into other roles. We have become substitute teachers, cooks, entertainers, lost or maintained jobs, and so much more. Since a lot of our tasks moved online, there is an intense digital demand on our time. That’s why is so important now more than ever to find a balance, for ourselves, and those around us. Screen time is necessary right now for learning, finding recipes and connecting with those we can’t see in person. It’s reality. It’s easy to develop unhealthy habits if you don’t check yourself. There is beauty in the simple, physical things all around you. Take time to notice.

Drawing by Cadence Flahive, age 6

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